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Archive | October, 2013

Mexico Oaxaca Fair Trade Organic

Our latest crop of Fair Trade Organic Mexican coffee hails from the state of Oaxaca. Pleasant, toasty caramel like flavors greet the palate up front, complimented with a nice depth and a lingering fullness. In the mountains of Oaxaca small plot farmers unite their coffee growing efforts in the Yeni Navan-Michiza cooperative. Founded in 1985, […]

Colombia Huila Agustino Forest Coffee Beans

New crop coffee beans from Colombia has been outstanding! Our newest arrival produces a fresh roasted coffee with a deep cup; full of rich, lively flavors with a substantial full finish. High in the Andes in the San Agustino region of Huila, growing conditions are near perfect. Coffee trees flourish in rich volcanic soil, consistent […]

The ideal gift. Our answer comes in a bag of fresh roasted coffee.

Thinking about an affordable luxury gift for the holiday season? A pound of fresh roasted coffee is our suggestion. Coffee has great value; it is a basic pleasure that is well received by your friends and family. Especially appropriate for those on your gift list that want something to consume and not put on the […]

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Chemex Coffee Brewing System is Not Bitter

The Chemex has been around since 1941, when Dr. Peter Schlumbohm determined to craft a non-porous, simple brew system that would not impart any flavors of its own into the coffee. The result was the Chemex coffeemaker, a simple, one-piece hourglass shaped vessel made from high quality, heat resistant glass and fastened with a wood […]

New Coffee Crop! New Guinea Sigri

The first Blue Mountain Jamaican coffee seeds arrived in 1926-27 starting New Guinea’s coffee industry. Near 90 years later New Guinea coffee continues to delight. If you enjoy our New Guinea peaberry, try our coffee from the Sigri Plantation. The estate is nestled in the Wahgi Valley in the western highlands of New Guinea, just […]

Give 5% to Mother Earth” – Saturday 21st!

Dear Anderson’s Coffee Customers, Anderson’s Coffee is donating 5% of our gross sales this Saturday, April 21st to the “Give 5% to Mother Earth” campaign! “Give 5% to Mother Earth” is a collaboration between the following six local non-profits that dedicate their time and energy into making Central Texas a better place! Hill Country Conservancy, […]

New African Coffee: Burundi AA Mumirwa

This coffee is grown in the Mumirwa region of Burundi near the boarders of Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. The mountainous area provides a perfect growing condition for Bourbon, Blue Mountain, Jackson, and other varieties of Arabica beans. Cool evenings and temperate days allows old growth trees to flourish. Farmers belonging to co-ops […]

Tea Talk: Organic Gunpowder Tea

Our Organic Gunpowder is grown in the Zhejiang Province of eastern China. Before they are dried the tea leaves are rolled tightly into small balls. The tea’s name comes from the resemblance of the grey-greenish pellets to old style gunpowder. Rolling preserves and protects the leaves from physical damage and allows them to retain more […]

Organic Dark Sumatra

Lyle Lovett frequently calls the store from his concert tours to order more Dark Sumatra coffee. “But, Lyle, we just sent you coffee,” I comment. “I had plenty but I gave some away,” he says. So we pack up a few more pounds and ship it off to arrive the next morning wherever in the […]

Nicaragua Jinotega

We are offering a new coffee from the Nicaraguan Aldea Global co-op. The coffee comes from small farms nestled in the mountainous growing region of Jinotega 5,249 feet above sea level. It is bright, crisp, and lively, with a sturdy, medium-to-full body. Crop quality has improved in the last decade with sounder and sustainable agricultural […]

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