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Archive | January, 2014

Our Premium Tea Blends

“There are few hours in life more agreeable than the hour dedicated to the ceremony known as afternoon tea.” Henry James During my time with Alfred Peet he often referred to himself as a “coffee man.”  He was also a consummate “tea man.” His introduction came early from his Grandfather and Father. At age eighteen […]

Fair Trade Organic Peru Sol y Cafe – $11.95 /lb.

High in the mountains of the state of Cajamarca the Sol Y Café cooperative cultivates its coffee in well-drained, fine sandy soil.  The resulting cup is what we look for in a Peruvian coffee; a deep, rich seductive finish with just the right amount of round, full flavors up front.  This coffee also carries Organic […]

Guatemala Palo Alto Azul $11.95 /lb.

Palo Alto Azul is translated as “tall, blue tree.”  Bright, lingering flavors, a full smooth body, and an aromatic cup; these are the qualities this coffee brought to our 2013 Holiday Blend.  The coffee is special, hailing from a 150 year old finca nestled high up on the Fraijanes Plateau in the mountains southwest of […]

New Guinea – $11.95 /lb.

Our current crop of New Guinea, a key component of our delicious Holiday Blend, is a superb stand-alone coffee!  Slightly sweet nutty and earthy tones particular to the Indonesian Islands are balanced and delicate resulting in a smooth satisfying medium-bodied cup.  The Kimel plantation cultivates select varieties of the Arabica coffee trees near Mount Hagen […]

Parmenter’s Blend & Scottish Breakfast Blend

Two tea blends are back in stock, alas for a limited time. After discontinuing these blends our source mixed together one special batch of these favored teas. We stocked up as this may be the last time these blends are available.  Get some before we run out! Parmenter’s Blend $8.50 /4oz:  First, let’s talk about […]

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