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Archive | March, 2014

Arabian Mocha Sanani $17.95 /lb.

Fresh off the boat from Yemen, we just received a few bags of Arabian Mocha Sanani. Our new supply is very characteristic of this coffee from the Arabian Peninsula that is becoming more difficult to source from a country with more than its usual share of turmoil. Experience the mesmerizing deep, dried fruit and earthy […]

The Monday Morning Mug for March 31, 2014

Welcome to Monday Morning! Today’s mug is cheerful red and blue patterned ceramic. What does your favorite coffee mug look like? (Note: Since many of our coffee mugs are one-of-a-kind, by the time you see this some of them may no longer be for sale. But we have an entire wall full of unique and […]

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe $12.95 /lb.

Our new crop of Ethiopia beans proves how stunning a washed coffee from the Yirgacheffe growing region can be.  The cup is crisp, with floral notes up front and hints of delicate lemony accents.  This coffee is very aromatic with a balanced body and smooth finish. It is sourced from the famous Yirgacheffe region near […]

Young Hyson $5.00 /4oz

Our Boston tea merchant opened their doors in 1904. Young Hyson was one of their first green teas. It quickly became a favorite and has remained so. Young delicate thin leaves are selected during preparation, each becoming notably twisted with a pale green hue. Appearances aside, the tea is delicious! Fresh, pungent, green-grassy flavors intertwined […]

New Guinea Peaberry

Our latest arrival of this special crop of New Guinea marks the return of a long awaited peaberry coffee.  The intensity of flavors in each peaberry adds a depth to the subtle bright floral flavors that are balanced with soft, slightly sweet nutty and earthy tones, resulting in a full, smooth satisfying medium-bodied cup. Peaberries […]

Lapsang Souchong $5.00 /4oz

Lapsang Souchong reminds us that not all teas are equal. Do not be dissuaded by the smoky aroma; after all, part of the teas process includes drying the harvested leaves over open fires! When brewed, Lapsang is remarkably smooth and approachable, with delicate hints of sweet smoky flavors. The legend of the smoking process dates […]

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