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Archive | April, 2014

Red Sea Blend $11.95 /lb.

Red Sea Blend offers a uniquely piquant taste in coffee.  The cup is exotic, spicy and earthy with a hint of dried berry flavors. Currently, we have selected three naturally processed coffees from Guji, Yirgacheffee and Sidamo. In these Ethiopian growing regions, small plot farmers cultivate indigenous heirloom varietal Arabica beans at high altitudes.  They […]

Timor Fair Trade Organic $11.95 /lb.

High grown Arabica coffee has been grown in Timor for centuries.  Over four hundred years ago, Portuguese colonists seeded the rich, fertile well-drained soil high up in the mountains of East Timor.  Today the coffee still brews a superb cup.  Our newest crop has deep seductive flavors; soft earthy tones persist throughout the balanced smooth […]

Fancy Oolong $7.00 /4oz

This semi-fermented tea has large curled leaves that possess qualities of both green and black Chinese tea.  Grown in the Southern Mountains of China’s Fujian Province, our Oolong has a full-bodied, delicate flavor with a pleasing taste and lively bouquet.  It is delightful hot or brewed for iced tea, perfect for this lovely spring weather!

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