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Archive | May, 2014

Jakarta Blend $11.95 /lb.

Jakarta is the capital of Indonesia and the namesake of our longtime blend of coffees from the area. Three coffees and flavors make up the blend. Sumatra provides the earthy, deep, slightly sweet component with a big mouth feel. New Guinea, with original root stock from the Blue Mountains of Jamaica, adds a complete and […]

Costa Rica La Rosa $10.95 /lb.

La Rosa is our first arrival of new crop coffee from Costa Rica. The burlap bag has the imprint of a large, beautiful red rose. And this year’s coffee is indeed outstanding with a deep, rich flavor and smoothness. I tasted it first brewed in very hearty fashion, in a Chemex coffeemaker. The result was […]

English Breakfast $5.00 /4oz

Peet’s Coffee and Tea is our primary supplier for top quality teas. Alfred Peet was an outstanding taster and blend of tea. His superb palate came from many years of tasting from England to Indonesia and New Zealand. When it comes to black tea, English Breakfast is a standard. This perfect balance of Indian teas […]

Organic Mexico $11.95 /lb.

Organic Mexico is one of our most popular coffees from the Americas. Bright, crisp, and lively up front, its flavors sparkle across the palate.  The finish is so smooth that it almost disappears, beckoning yet another sip.  The main focus of the cooperative Productores Indigenas Serranos de Chiapas (PROISCH) is growing and exporting organic coffee […]

Fancy Keemun $5.00 /4oz

Fancy Keemun is a favorite here at Anderson’s. We stock the Fancy grade which is chock full of pleasant, mild, comforting flavors. Hints of toasty, crushed apple aroma accompany the smooth, sweet, mellow finish. This tea is grown and processed in Qimen County in the Southwestern Anhui Province of China. In 1875, the region was […]

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