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Archive | July, 2014

Peru Fair Trade Organic $11.95 /lb.

Our supply of Peru Fair Trade Organic is dwindling. This coffee brews a memorable morning cup but also is a favorite for iced coffee! Grown high in the mountains of Cajamarca Peru by the Sol Y Café cooperative the cup has a deep, rich finish with just the right amount of round, full flavors up […]

Ethiopia Yirgacheffee Fair Trade Organic $12.95/lb

We are offering a limited number of roasts of a select Fair Trade Organic coffee from the Yirgacheffe region of Ethiopia! This small batch exemplifies how stunning a washed, sun-dried Ethiopian coffee can be when harvested from heirloom trees. The cup’s roundness and depth are complimented with a wisp of floral and lemony accents. Delightful […]

Red Sea Blend Returns! $11.95 /lb.

Fresh off the ship from the land where coffee was discovered comes our natural coffee beans for Red Sea Blend. The coffee is a bit exotic with a sweetly piquant flavor with a hint of earthy, spicy dried berry flavors. In the Sidamo region of Ethiopia growers cultivate indigenous heirloom varietal Arabica coffee beans at […]

Decaf French Roast $11.95 /lb.

Our Decaf French has a bold, full flavored taste with a hint of smokiness. All of our decafs are water processed. We use a blend of top quality Central and South American coffees to craft a smooth, satisfying cup. So it satisfies the needs of the consumer wanting to eliminate caffeine from their diet or […]

A Pair Of Peaberry Coffees That Will Impress

A peaberry coffee bean occurs when nature chooses to grow just one bean per coffee cherry instead of two flat sided ones facing each other. Less than five percent of coffees beans are peaberries, so they are somewhat rare. Not rare is the flavor packed cup a good peaberry coffee makes. We are featuring two […]

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