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Archive | September, 2014

Russian Caravan $5.00 /4oz

Russian Caravan is a balance between brisk lively flavors up front and smooth, slightly smoky flavors at the finish. The tea is not grown in Russia but celebrates a tradition of Russian tea caravans dating back to the 19th century. After sixteen months of exhausting travel on horseback tea merchants would return from their long […]

Last Call: Fairtrade Organic Timor $11.95 /lb.

High grown Arabica coffee has been grown in Timor for centuries. Over four hundred years ago, Portuguese colonists seeded the rich, fertile well-drained soil in the mountains of East Timor. Deep seductive flavors are filled with soft earthy tones that persist throughout the balanced smooth finish. Small plot farmers grow coffee high up in the […]

Chemex Coffee Maker

In 1941 Dr. Peter Schlumbohm determined to craft a non-porous, simple brewing system that would not impart any flavors of its own into the coffee. The result was the Chemex coffeemaker; a simple, one-piece hourglass shaped vessel made from high quality glass and fastened with a wood collar and leather tie. The flawless blend of […]

Guatemala Zaculeu $11.95 /lb.

Guatemala coffee is going strong this season! Our new special offering is from Huehuetenango Zaculeu. Gentle lively flavors in the cup are balanced by a rich smooth finish. The flavors are enchanting and also the location’s history. The richness starts in the volcanic mountains soil of Zaculeu. Millennia ago this fertile area was also utilized […]

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