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Archive | October, 2014

Alfred’s Blend $10.95 /lb.

Named for Alfred Peet, who was often called the “grandfather of specialty coffee.” We honored him with three of his favorite coffees, a full bodied blend made up of Guatemala, Costa Rica and New Guinea. The cup is rich, complex and deeply satisfying, a fitting tribute to our mentor and hero who helped us get […]

Organic Sumatra Mandheling $12.95 /lb.

Our new crop of Sumatra coffee is stellar, with a rich, full body. A great deal of “mouthfeel” as they say in the coffee trade. It is also certified Organic.  The flavors are deep and smooth with hints of floral, earthy tones. The coffee’s low acidity is smooth and balanced. We source our beans from […]

Irish Breakfast Blend $5 /4oz

The Irish love their tea and rank among the highest consumers per capita in the world. Our Irish Breakfast blend is made up of the full bodied Assam and other Northeast India varieties. The blend makes for a sturdy, brisk, full bodied brew with malty and floral tones. Very satisfying as our mornings and evenings […]

Organic Honduras Santa Rosa $11.95 /lb.

Our newest locally roasted organic coffee hails from the mountains of western Honduras. Beneficio Santa Rosa works with several small cooperatives to export high quality coffee from the region. This crop meets the mark! The cup is deep, rich and smooth with bright flavors at the finish. It also brews a terrific Toddy iced coffee […]

Organic Java Taman Dadar $11.95 /lb.

Hail the return of Taman Dadar! New shipment from the island of Java produces a deep, rich flavorful cup; one of our smoothest Indonesian coffees. Soft nutty flavors intertwine with hints of earthy tones that linger after the initial sip. Small-plot farmers from the villages of Kayumas and Curah Tatal in eastern Java grow this […]

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