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Archive | January, 2015

A Talk About Tea

“There are few hours in life more agreeable than the hour dedicated to the ceremony known as afternoon tea.” Henry James During my time with Alfred Peet he often referred to himself as a “coffee man.” He was also a consummate “tea man.” His introduction came early from his grandfather and father. At age eighteen […]

Decaf Colombia $12.95 /lb.

Back on the board! Try a cup of fresh roasted Colombia coffee sans caffeine. This water processed Decaf Colombia is bursting with rich, full flavors complete with a smooth finish. Reducing one’s caffeine should not include sacrificing taste.  We use the most flavorful water processed decaffeinated coffees and pay special attention to the delicate roasting […]

Colombia Narino $11.95/lb.

Colombia is having an outstanding coffee season. One of our finest offerings this year from South America the cup is explosive with flavor; lively upfront, with a substantial body, the deluge of flavors continue long after the initial sip. The coffee is high grown in the Andes, up to 7500 feet. Growers cultivate their coffee […]

Sumatra Fair Trade Organic $12.95/lb.

Our new Fair Trade Organic Sumatra coffee hails from the Mandheling region. This cup is stellar, with a big, rich, full body and a pleasant, balanced finish.  Flavors come deep and smooth, with hints of floral, earthy tones. Much of the unique flavors in the final cup stem from what occurs after the ripe cherries […]

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