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Archive | March, 2015

Gunpowder Organic $6.00 /4oz

Fresh, lively, subtle flavors in a cup of Organic Gunpowder to bring in spring! The name comes from the tea’s resemblance to the gray-greenish pellets of old style gunpowder. The tea is organically grown in the Zhejiang Province of eastern China. Before they are dried, the fresh tea leaves are rolled into small balls. Rolling […]

New Guinea $11.95/lb

Our new crop of New Guinea coffee from the Waghi Valley has arrived! Blue Mountain Jamaican root stock arrived in 1926-27 to launch Papua New Guinea’s coffee industry. After ninety years New Guinea coffee continues to delight. Slightly sweet, nutty and earthy tones particular to the Indonesian Islands are balanced and delicate resulting in a […]

Young Hyson $6.00 /4oz

Our Boston tea merchant opened their doors in 1904. Young Hyson was one of their first green teas. It quickly became a favorite and has remained so. Young delicate thin leaves are selected during preparation, each becoming notably twisted with a pale green hue. Appearances aside, the tea is delicious! Fresh, pungent, green-grassy flavors intertwined […]

Burundi Ikawa $12.95 /lb.

This special crop of Burundi coffee is full of soft flavors with a balanced fullness at the finish. The mountainous volcanic soil at 5,000 feet up in the Burui Province provides the nutrients that help create its distinctive flavors. The coffee hails from one of the country’s best washing stations operated by the Dukorere Ikawa […]

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