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Archive | June, 2015

Organic Ethiopia $12.95 /lb.

Our new crop of Organic Ethiopia beans exemplifies how good a washed coffee from the Sidamo growing region can be. Bright, crisp flavors explode with complex floral notes and hints of creamy chocolate accents. The body is medium to full creating a rich balanced cup. This certified Organic coffee comes from the Hunkute cooperative located […]

Irish Breakfast $6.00 /4oz

The Irish love their tea. According to some estimates, the Irish are among the highest consumers of tea per capita in the world. Assam is added to other fine teas of Northeast Indian teas to make a sturdy, brisk, full bodied brew. It is truly a delightful tea to sip! Sweet dry flavors tease the […]

Organic Guatemala Bourbon $12.95 /lb.

A top-selling organic “Special Offering” returns, Organic Guatemala Bourbon! This season’s crop hails from one of the oldest coffee farms in Guatemala, Finca Bourbon. Lively toasty caramel flavors in the cup are rounded out with a deep, rich finish packed with dark chocolate notes. Finca Bourbon is named after the Bourbon varietal of Arabica coffee […]

Decaf Sumatra $12.95 /lb.

Our wait for Decaf Sumatra has ended—Rich, full bodied flavor sans caffeine! Deep, subtle earthy flavors emerge before a rich, creamy, smooth finish. It is the quintessential flavor that makes this one of our favorite stand-alone decafs. Cutting caffeine should not include compromising flavor. We only buy coffees that have been decaffeinated with the advanced […]

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