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Archive | July, 2015

Organic Java $12.95 /lb.

Coffee from the island of Java produces a deep, rich flavorful cup. One of our smoothest Indonesian coffees, its soft nutty flavors intertwine with hints of earthy tones that linger long after the initial sip. Small-plot farmers from the villages of Kayumas and Curah Tatal in eastern Java grow this coffee in rich volcanic soil […]

Toddy Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Beat the dog days of summer with the Toddy! Toddy is a unique extraction method that uses cold water to produce a bold, smooth, full-flavored coffee concentrate that is very low in acidity. It is perfect for iced coffee or frozen drinks, but can also be used to make steaming hot coffee. The exceptionally smooth […]

Guatemala Antigua Panchoy $11.95 /lb.

The year has yielded many outstanding Guatemalan coffees and we have drunk deeply and well from the origin. Our Guatemala Antigua will brighten your cup and delight your palate. The coffee is full bodied and bursting with lively, toasty caramel notes rounded out with deep dark chocolate flavors. Guatemala Antigua is a staple at Anderson’s […]

Black Currant $6.00 per 4oz

Just in time for the summer drinking season! If you love brewing up ice tea during the hotter months of the year, consider our Black Currant tea. This delightful cup has an abundant bouquet of brisk, floral flavors with ample hints of fruit. It has a refreshing crisp finish, perfect for  sipping hot or quaffing […]

Ceylon Pekoe Noori Tea Estate $6 /4oz

Ceylon Pekoe is back in stock! Hail the bright, brisk cup a premium Ceylon can produce; complete with crisp floral notes that linger in the thick smooth finish. Don’t just take our word for its excellence—this tea has placed high in the North American Tea Championship multiple times. Walter’s Bay Ceylon Pekoe is grown, hand […]

Kenya Nyeri Gatugi $12.95 /lb.

New crop Kenya coffee from Nyeri Gatugi is explosive with flavor! The cup is full of bold, spicy and citrusy notes with a deep smooth finish. The coffee comes from family-owned farms participating in the Othaya Farming Cooperative Society in Nyeri County, Kenya. Positioned between Mount Kenya and the Aberdare Range, farmers cultivate their coffee […]

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