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Archive | March, 2016

Ceylon Pekoe

There is nothing quite like the array flavors found in a quality Ceylon Pekoe tea. Hail the bright, brisk cup our premium Ceylon can produce; complete with crisp floral notes that linger in the thick smooth finish. Don’t just take our word for its excellence—this tea has placed high in the North American Tea Championship […]

Russian Caravan $6.00 /4oz

The caravan has arrived! Russian Caravan is a balance between brisk lively flavors up front and smooth, slightly smoky flavors at the finish. The tea is not grown in Russia, but celebrates a tradition of Russian tea caravans dating back to the 19th century. After sixteen months of exhausting travel on horseback tea merchants would […]

Guatemala Palto Alto Azul $12.95 /lb.

Palo Alto Azul translates as “tall, blue tree.” The coffee is distinguished by a rich, full flavor that is very aromatic in the cup. The coffee comes from Finca Agua Tibia, a 150 year old farm founded by Franciscan monks in 1876. Old growth varietals of Typica and Bourbon trees have been cultivated in clay […]

Fancy Darjeeling $9 /4oz

Darjeeling is a perfect starting point on your journey through our black teas. Tea cultivated in this region high in the Himalaya Mountains of West Bengal, India produces a flavor so unique that it is regarded by many as one of the finest teas grown. The cool moist climate at altitudes up to 6,500 feet […]

Nilgiri Supreme $7.00 /4oz

This medium-bodied tea produces a bright brisk liquor full of tantalizing citrus notes. The Nilgiri tea bushes are cultivated on the Tiger Hill Estate nestled high up in southern India’s Blue Mountains. High elevation, climate and the fertile soil of the estate are known to produce some of Nilgiri’s best teas.

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