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Archive | June, 2016

Guatemala Antigua $11.95 /lb.

It’s hard to beat a cup of coffee from the renowned Antigua region. High in the Sierra Madres the volcanic soil, rich in minerals and nutrients help produce the outstanding flavors unique to this region in Guatemala. Our Los Volcanes Antiguan coffee brings bright caramel notes to the palate and finishes with deep, subtle hints […]

Nilgiri Supreme For Iced Tea This Summer! $7 /4oz

As summer temperatures continue to rise, our thoughts turn to a refreshing glass of iced tea. Our Nilgiri Supreme fills the bill by providing a full flavored brew that is satisfying to our thirst and pleasing on the palate. The tea is grown on the Tiger Hill Estate nestled high up in southern India’s Blue […]

House Blend $9.95 /lb.

Customers often ask what the biggest seller here is at Anderson’s. That would be our House Blend. Over the years it has been a genuine favorite for the coffee drinker wanting a top quality cup at a reasonable price. We are in touch with our green coffee suppliers throughout the year seeking out good value […]

Arabian Mocha Sanani $17 /lb.

Fresh off the boat from the Arabian Peninsula, we have received a few bags of Arabian Mocha Sanani. As we expect this coffee is stunning, its flavors unique and distinct, characteristic of coffee grown at high elevations in this dry, harsh environment. The cup is mesmerizing, with deep rustic flavors reminiscent of dried fruit and […]

Java Organic Rain Forest Alliance $12.95 /lb.

Organic Java is back in stock after a brief absence. One of our smoothest Indonesian coffees that produces a deep, rich cup; it’s soft nutty flavors intertwined with hints of earthy tones that linger long after the initial sip. Small-plot farmers from the villages of Kayumas and Curah Tatal in eastern Java grow this coffee […]

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