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Archive | July, 2016

Irish Breakfast $6.00 /4oz

The Irish love their tea. According to some estimates, the Irish are among the highest consumers of tea per capita in the world. Assam is added to other fine teas of Northeast Indian teas to make a sturdy, brisk, full bodied brew. It is truly a delightful tea to sip! Sweet dry flavors tease the […]

Colombia Antioquia Ramon Zapata $12.95 /lb.

Colombia coffee has been stunning this year.  Big, full flavors fill the cup of this special offering, complimented with a burst of pleasant notes up front.  We have sourced this crop from Ramon Zapata.  He does it all, from seed to harvest, allowing for meticulous care in producing this fantastic coffee. His single family-owned farm, […]

Organic Chun Mee $6.00 /4oz

Chun Mee is a great introduction to green tea. Flavors are delicate and smooth, with lingering plum-like sweetness. However, it is the lack of over dominating vegetal or grassy flavors that prompts us to recommend it as an introductory green tea.  For seasoned green tea drinker it does provide a refreshing, pleasant taste to be […]

Honduras El Jaguar RFA $11.95 /lb.

A pop of bright, citrusy notes, followed by a velvety smooth caramel finish—the flavors of Honduras RFA El Jaguar live up to its name. Nestled almost a mile high in the mountains near the Eastern side of Lake Yojoa, members of the COHORSIL Co-Op cultivate their coffee in prime weather conditions. Cool evenings and adequate […]

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