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Archive | August, 2016

English Breakfast $6 /4oz

When it comes to black tea, English Breakfast is a standard. The balanced blend of teas from India and  Sri Lanka produces a bright robust cup with a subtle, tangy finish. It will stand up to cream and sugar, though it is very enjoyable straight. Drink it hot in traditional fashion or brew it up […]

Blend 100 $10.95 /lb.

Blend 100 is a sparkling, medium-bodied, All-American line-up of Guatemalan, Colombian and Costa Rican coffees.  This blend showcases the bright lively flavors of coffees grown in the Americas and has a full, round finish to it that is not overpowering. This blend was created more than forty years ago with the help of our mentor, […]

Honduras Fair Trade Organic $12.95 /lb.

Another solid coffee from Central America, our Fair Trade Organic Honduras hails from the protected Marcala region high up in the mountains of La Paz.  The cup is full flavored, rich and smooth with creamy caramel and chocolate notes accenting the finish. The RAOS cooperative is two hundred members strong, each growing their coffee on […]

Toddy Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Beat the dog days of summer with the Toddy!  Toddy is a unique extraction method using cold water to produce a bold, smooth, full-flavored coffee concentrate that is very low in acidity. Perfect for iced coffee or frozen drinks, but can also be used to make steaming hot coffee. The exceptionally smooth flavor comes from […]

Red Sea Blend $11.95 /lb.

From Ethiopia where coffee was discovered comes our naturally processed coffee beans for Red Sea Blend. The coffee is a bit exotic with a sweetly piquant flavor and a hint of earthy, spicy dried berry flavors. In the Sidamo region of Ethiopia growers cultivate indigenous heirloom varietal Arabica coffee beans at high altitudes. These small […]

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