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Archive | 2017

Holiday Blend for the Holiday Season

Nothing quite like fresh roasted coffee brings such an abundance of joy during the holiday season. The year has brought a plethora of top quality coffees to choose from to create Holiday Blend 2017. A pair of outstanding choices from Guatemala—the lush Palhu from Huehuetenango with tastes of peaches and dark chocolate. And, the San […]


The Holiday Season is upon us: shopping for gifts, planning dinners, cooking and time with family and friends. One of the basic pleasures to accent this time of year is a cup of fresh roasted coffee. A pound of coffee is a welcome gift, ready to be enjoyed throughout the holiday season by friends and […]

Holiday Spice Tea $6 /4oz

Our Holiday Spice tea is a perfect drink for our hopefully cooler weather. The blend has just the right amount of fruit and spice to produce a hot cup of warm cheer. Premium black tea leaves are blended with orange pieces, bits of cranberry, and a touch of ginger and cinnamon to create a rich […]

Peru Fair Trade Organic $12.95 /lb.

We have sourced another certified Fair Trade Organic Peruvian coffee grown high in the Andean mountains of the state of Amazona. This cup is rich, finishing deeply with full cocoa flavors. Just the right amount of rich, round notes reward the palate up front; one taster found hints of lime, green apple and golden raisins. […]

Holiday Blend for Thanksgiving

We have selected top quality coffees from Guatemala, New Guinea, Sulawesi and Kenya for our recently released blend to be enjoyed during the holiday season. Customer response has been very positive. Good for breakfast time or to add pleasure to the dining table along with your favorite dessert. Imported stollen along with cookies and chocolates […]

Holiday Blend $12.95 /lb.

The year has brought an abundance of top quality coffees to choose from in creating Holiday Blend 2017. After much tasting and thought we have decided on the following coffees to make the blend now on offer. A pair of outstanding choices from Guatemala—the lush Palhu from Huehuetenango with tastes of peaches and dark chocolate. […]

El Salvador RFA $11.95 /lb.

We were fortunate to grab a few more bags of this coffee that has found a strong customer following. Our El Salvador coffee from family owned farm Finca Cruz Gorda has become a favorite at Anderson’s. Treat yourself to a cup full of creamy chocolate flavors with nutty, caramel notes in the round smooth finish. […]

New Guinea Nebilyer Valley $11.95 /lb.

Another top quality New Guinea coffee from Nebilyer Valley is on our list. This medium to full-bodied, balanced cup provides complex aroma, deep mellow flavors and mild acidity. This origin was a favorite of our mentor, the late Alfred Peet, and this coffee shows off the qualities he admired. This coffee is grown on family […]

Lapsang Souchong

Lapsang Souchong reminds us that some teas are unique. When brewed, Lapsang is remarkably smooth and approachable, with delicate hints of sweet smoky flavors. Perfect for these cooler fall mornings. The smoky aroma is special; after all, part of the teas process includes drying the harvested leaves over open fires! The legend of the smoking […]

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