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Archive | January, 2017

New Guinea Kimel Peaberry $12.95 /lb.

An old friend is back in the store, New Guinea Peaberry. The intensity of flavors in each peaberry adds a depth to the subtle brighter notes in the cup. This is truly a unique and satisfying coffee, one of Alfred Peet’s favorites and reminiscent of classic Blue Mountain style. Coffee trees imported from Jamaica’s Blue […]

Jakarta Blend $11.95 /lb.

Jakarta is the capital of Indonesia and the namesake of our longtime blend of coffees from the area. Three coffees make up the blend. Sumatra beans from small plot growers provides the earthy, deep, slightly sweet component with a big mouth feel. New Guinea, with original root stock from the Blue Mountains of Jamaica, adds […]

Young Hyson $6.00 /4oz

Our Boston tea merchant opened their doors in 1904.  Young Hyson was one of their first green teas.  It quickly became a favorite and has remained so.  Young delicate thin leaves are selected during preparation, each becoming notably twisted with a pale green hue.  The tea is delicious!  Fresh, pungent, green-grassy flavors intertwined with a […]

Top Ranked Coffees from Narino, Colombia

On one hectare (2.47 acres) of land, Enrique Diaz cultivates some of the top coffee beans found in Nariño Colombia.  He calls his spread Finca San Francisco. In the cup a rich concentration of flavors makes for a very satisfying taste experience.  Perched over 8,000 feet up in the Andes the most efficient way to […]

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