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Archive | February, 2017

English Breakfast $6 /4oz

English Breakfast tea is a staple. Our new blend of black tea is brisk, lively with a round finish packed with flavor. It is superb brewed for hot or iced tea. The teas are all top grades and sourced from excellent crops. At Anderson’s we approach our tea in the same way we choose our […]

Mocha Java $12.95 /lb.

This blend is perhaps the oldest flavor principle in coffee history.  We continue to create this blend based on an age-old recipe; certain Indonesian and African coffees work really well together. The quality of the coffee is of most importance and time has proven these beans blend well. The base is an organic Java Taman […]

Timor Fair Trade Organic $12.95 /lb.

High grown Arabica coffee has been growing on the island of Timor for over 400 years. Portuguese colonists originally seeded the rich, fertile well-drained soil in the mountains of East Timor. Today the cup has a hint of spicy, nutty notes that quickly slip into the deep seductive flavors that persist throughout its balanced smooth […]

Earl Grey w/ Bergamot

Earl Grey with Bergamot has returned to our tea chests. This new arrival is the traditional blend of a top quality Sri Lankan black tea scented with the sweet light orange peel favor of bergamot fruit. The tea is very aromatic with a refreshing finish. This classic blend was originally created in England in the […]

Another top ranked coffee from Nariño, Colombia

Perched high up in the mountainous region of Buesaco, Enrrique Moncayo cultivates some of the best coffee from Nariño Colombia on his farm, Santa Helena. Our staff members, Amber Mason and Cyrus Cousins visited with him on a trip to Colombia last year and selected his beans to buy at auction after a cupping competition […]

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