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Archive | March, 2017

Kenya Peaberry $12.95 /lb.

Kenya Peaberry, a key component in 2016 Holiday Blend, is a coffee filled with delightful flavors. Don’t miss the opportunity to try this coffee on its own. Lively citrusy, spicy notes greet the palate; the cup is full and deep with a rich finish. The coffee is grown on Bourbon varietal trees at high altitudes […]

Rose Ceylon $7 /4oz

Our Rose Ceylon brews a fragrant cup of tea packed with floral and rose flavors. It is delightful brewed hot and creates a refreshing rose flavored iced tea. The key ingredient is a select Ceylon black tea grown on the Maliboda Estate in the Sabaragamuwa province of Sri Lanka. The forest bordering the estate is […]

Assam Golden Tip

Try a delightfully bold cup of high quality Assam Golden Tip and celebrate the delightful spring weather we are having. This flavorful Indian tea hails from the vast Brahmaputra Valley. The cup has full notes of malt and honey. It is exceptional brewed hot or for iced tea, and holds up well to milk or […]

Honduras Fair Trade Organic $12.95 /lb.

We are near the end of our supply of this solid coffee from Central America. Our Fair Trade Organic Honduras hails from the protected Marcala region high up in the mountains of La Paz. The cup is full flavored, rich and smooth with creamy caramel and chocolate notes accenting the finish. The RAOS cooperative has […]

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