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Archive | February, 2018

Young Hyson $6 /4oz

Our Boston tea merchant opened their doors in 1904. Young Hyson was one of their first green teas. It quickly became a favorite and has remained so. Young delicate thin leaves are selected during preparation, each becoming notably twisted with a pale green hue. The tea is delicious! Fresh, pungent, green-grassy flavors intertwined with a […]

Peru Fair Trade Organic $12.95 /lb.

Try a fresh roast of our Fair Trade Organic Peruvian coffee grown high in the Andean mountains of the state of Cajamarca. These beans are filled with creamy dark chocolate flavors with brighter notes up front. In the community of Miraflores, two hundred and fifty families organize under the cooperative Selva Andina. On average each […]

Sulawesi Toraja Sapan $12.95 /lb.

Sulawesi is a good choice for customers seeking an option distinct from the flavors of Central and South America. This origin is often referred to as the jewel of Indonesian coffee. Grown at altitudes up to 6200 feet, the cup is characterized by a velvety smooth, full body with a low acidity and a slightly […]

Dark Roasted Coffees $11.95-$12.95 /lb.

Cold weather is the time to try a dark roasted coffee. Deep toasty, smoky flavors are the daily drink for many customers. But, during chilly mornings and brisk afternoons, delightful complex dark roast flavors can produce a satisfying warming cup. Certain green coffees produce the best dark roasts so we select top quality high grown, […]

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