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Archive | April, 2018

Costa Rica Monte Crisol $11.95 /lb.

Costa Rica Monte Crisol is one of our first spring deliveries from Central America. The coffee is top quality with a good balance between body and palate flavor. The brew is a full flavored cup with a rich finish when carefully roasted to our full-city color. The coffee is produced by CoopePalmares from shade grown […]

Guatemala Organic $12.95 /lb.

Try a fresh roast of our special offering Organic Guatemala Huehuetenango. The cup is round, thick and full of lush chocolate flavors with hints of caramel and toffee in the finish. This coffee hails from the northwestern growing region of Guatemala in the high lands of Huehuetenango.  Family-owned farms are organized under the Association of […]

New Guinea Kimel $12.95 /lb.

Coffee from this Indonesian island is consistently top quality. The cup is medium-to-full bodied with mild acidity. The flavor is rustic yet elegant and refined. This origin was a favorite of our mentor, the late Alfred Peet; the cup shows off the qualities he admired. Grown high up in the Waghi Valley at the base […]

Fancy Oolong $7 /4oz

This semi-fermented tea has large curled leaves that possess qualities of both green and black Chinese tea. Our Oolong tea is grown in the Southern Mountains of China’s Fujian Province. Oolong has a full-bodied yet delicate flavor with a pleasing taste and lively bouquet. It is delightful hot or brewed for iced tea, perfect for […]

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