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Archive | July, 2018

Red Sea Blend $11.95 /lb.

From Ethiopia, the birthplace of coffee, comes our naturally processed coffee beans for Red Sea Blend. The coffee is a bit exotic with a sweetly piquant flavor and a hint of earthy, spicy dried berry flavors. In the Sidamo region of Ethiopia growers cultivate indigenous heirloom varietal Arabica coffee beans at high altitudes. These small […]

Fruit & Spice and Other Naturally Flavored Teas

Beat the heat with iced teas! We have an array of naturally flavored teas delicious for a cold, iced brew during these summer days. Our Fruit & Spice is a fabulous blend of select black tea leaves flavored with just the right amount of orange peel, bits of cranberry, a touch of ginger and cinnamon […]

Decaf Sumatra $12.95 /lb.

Cutting out caffeine should not include compromising flavor. This is one of the reasons we buy top quality coffees that have been decaffeinated with the advanced non-contact water process method. Deep, subtle woodsy flavors emerge before a rich, creamy, smooth finish with hints of bittersweet chocolate. It is the quintessential flavor for a satisfying cup […]

Viennese Blend $11.95 /lb.

“What is in Viennese Blend?” This is a frequently asked question from many customers. We created the custom blend soon after opening the store in 1972. The popular mix consists of three quarters medium roast Central and South American coffees blended with our dark French roast. The result is a very satisfying cup with the […]

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