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Archive | August, 2018

Rose Ceylon $7 /4oz

Our Rose Ceylon brews a fragrant cup of tea packed with floral flavors. When brewed for iced tea, it creates a refreshing cooling beverage for these sweltering summer days. The key ingredient is a select Ceylon black tea grown on the Maliboda Estate in the Sabaragamuwa province of Sri Lanka. The forest bordering the estate […]

New Guinea Peaberry $12.95 /lb.

New Guinea Peaberry is back on our coffee board. The intensity of flavors in each bean adds depth to the subtle brighter notes in the cup. This is truly a unique and satisfying coffee, one of Alfred Peet’s favorites and reminiscent of classic Blue Mountain style. Coffee trees imported from Jamaica’s Blue Mountain region in […]

Guatemala Finca Huixoc $12.95 /lb.

Guatemala coffee is going strong this season! Finca Huxoc is our newest special offering. Gentle lively flavors in the cup are balanced by a rich, deeply flavored, smooth finish. This coffee comes from a family-owned estate located high up in Huehuetenango in the municipality of La Democracia.  Jose Alejandro Solis is a third-generation coffee grower. […]

Organic Chun Mee $6 /4oz

Chun Mee is a great introduction to green tea. Flavors are delicate and smooth, with lingering plum-like sweetness. For a seasoned green tea drinker, it does provide a refreshing, pleasant taste to be enjoyed. Try it hot or brewed for iced tea during these sultry summer days. Organically grown in Jiangxi province, the tea is […]

Blend 100 $11.95 /lb.

Blend 100 is perhaps one of the most forgotten or overlooked gems on our board of roasted coffees at Anderson’s. This cup is full of flavor; it’s a medium-bodied, all Americas blend of Guatemalan, Colombian and Costa Rican coffees. This blend was created over forty years ago with the help of our mentor, Alfred Peet, […]

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