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Archive | December, 2018

Anderson’s Fresh Roasted Coffee For The Holidays

OPEN SUNDAY DECEMBER 23TH 9-3 PM OPEN CHRISTMAS EVE DECEMBER 24TH 8-3 PM The Holiday Season is upon us: shopping for gifts, planning dinners, cooking and time with family and friends. A basic pleasure to accent this time of year is a steaming cup of fresh roasted coffee. A pound of coffee is a welcome […]

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Gelana Abaya $15 /lb.

This holiday season try our new special offering coffee from Ethiopia! This Yirgacheffe demonstrates in the cup how pleasurable a washed, sun-dried Ethiopian coffee can be. Yirgacheffe Gelana Abaya coffee has floral, jasmine accents and hints of lemon and cherry. The cup is rounded out with a smooth finish full of caramel, nougat notes. A […]

Kenya Nyeri Othaya Kamoini $14 /lb.

Another outstanding crop Kenya coffee has arrived. Kenya Nyeri Othaya Kamoini; try a fresh roast of this small batch offering. Layers of citrus flavors pack the cup, highlighted with soft caramel accents. Depth and richness round out the full-bodied hallmark Kenya profile. A variety of stolen has arrived from Germany including rum, marzipan, classic, cristollen, […]

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