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Archive | February, 2019

Guatemala La Severa

Another gem from Guatemala; try a fresh roast of our new offering from Finca La Severa! This coffee brews a cup full of caramel, brown sugar notes with a deep dark chocolate finish. A good balance of flavors and a medium to full bodied smooth finish. Dr. Carlos Roberto Serrano Roa established Finca La Severa […]

Java Organic RFA $12.95 /lb

Alfred Peet spent several years in Java as a tea taster but he also enjoyed the bold flavors of the local coffee. Over the years many growers there went to a variety of tree that produced a milder taste unlike the traditional earthy, woodsy full flavor that Alfred found so special. In the last few […]

Nilgiri Supreme $8 /4oz

Alfred Peet, a renowned taster, always had a quality black tea offering from Nilgiri. For good reason; an exquisite offering from southern India, Nilgiri Supreme brews a flavorful cup full of delicate citrus notes. The medium-bodied tea is balanced on the palate. The slow growing Nilgiri tea bushes are cultivated on the esteemed Tiger Hill […]

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