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Archive | April, 2019

Kenya Kiambu $14 /lb.

Another outstanding small lot offering from Kenya. Try a fresh roast of our Kiambu Kiriga; this coffee brews a cup bold with caramel and grapefruit flavors. The Kiriga Estate is located in Muranga County, Kenya. The 130 acres of land seeded with coffee trees stretches along the Chania river, the natural border between Kiambu and […]

Offerings from Guatemala

Spring is in the air and the first Central American coffees have arrived!  Each year farmers meticulously select ripe cherries to wash, dry, and mill before they’re sent on an odyssey to our warehouse here in Texas. Coffees sourced from Latin America are known for their bright pop of flavors with a richness and deep […]

Tanzania Peaberry $12.95 /lb.

Anderson’s has sourced a top quality Tanzania peaberry. A pleasing blend of body and acidity, this coffee brews a well-balanced cup with soft, deep flavors of cocoa and maple. From the family owned Edelweiss Estate in Oldeani, Tanzania, more than 50 full time employees cultivate Blue Mountain and Bourbon coffee varietals interspersed with macadamia trees […]

Irish Breakfast $6 /4oz

Our Irish Breakfast is truly a delightful tea. The Irish do love their tea. According to estimates, they are among the highest consumers of tea per capita in the world. This special blend of fine teas from Northeast Indian, Sri Lanka and China makes a sturdy, brisk, full bodied brew. Sweet dry flavors tease the […]

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