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Archive | May, 2019

Guatemala Antigua $12.95/lb.

New crop of Guatemala Antigua has arrived! High in the Sierra Madres the volcanic soil, rich in minerals and nutrients, produce the outstanding and unique flavors found in the beans. A fresh roast of our Los Volcanes Antiguan coffee brings subtle caramel notes to the palate and the cup finishes round and deep packed with […]

Honduras El Jaguar $11.95/lb.

A velvety smooth cup full of milk chocolate, caramel notes—the flavors of Honduras RFA El Jaguar live up to its name. Nestled almost a mile high in the mountains near the Eastern side of Lake Yojoa members of the COHORSIL Co-Op cultivate their coffee in prime weather conditions. Cool evenings and adequate rainfall contribute to […]

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe $15 /lb.

Try our new special offering coffee from Ethiopia! This roast demonstrates in the cup how flavorful a washed, sun-dried Ethiopian coffee can be. The full pedigree is Yirgacheffe Gelana Abaya. The coffee has floral, jasmine accents and hints of lemon and cherry, rounded out with a caramel nougat note. This Yirgacheffe coffee is sourced from […]

Uganda Organic $12.95 /lb.

Anderson’s is pleased to have sourced a small lot of Uganda coffee from the Sipi Falls Project. Deep brown sugar flavors accentuate the cup with plum like notes on the finish. Established in 1999, the Sipi Falls Coffee Project has organized family farms in the Bugisu region to strengthen coffee quality and sustainable incomes for […]

Guatemala Injertal $12.95/lb.

Guatemala coffee is going strong this season! Finca El Injertal is our newest special offering. Lively flavors of caramel and toffee in the cup are balanced by a rich, deeply flavored, smooth finish reminiscent of cocoa and nougat. This coffee comes from a family-owned estate located high up in Huehuetenango in the municipality of La […]

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