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Archive | June, 2019

Ceylon Orange Pekoe $6 /4oz

Summer is the perfect time to brew some Ceylon Orange Pekoe. Enjoy the brisk cup of premium black tea on our cooler mornings; complete with crisp floral notes. This tea is also one of our top picks brewed for iced tea. Walter’s Bay Ceylon Orange Pekoe is grown, hand plucked, and processed on the Maliboda […]

Colombia FTO $14 /lb.

Anderson’s has sourced a top quality Fair Trade Organic coffee from Colombia. The brew is packed with flavor; lively upfront with hints of orange and cherry followed by a deep chocolate finish. The coffee hails from the mountainous region of Ocamonte, Santander. Some 270 family owned coffee farms cover the sides of the foothills of […]

Costa Rica La Rosa $11.95 /lb.

This year we visited farms and cooperatives from which we source our outstanding Costa Rican coffee. The much-anticipated new crop has arrived. Given a full city roast, La Rosa coffee yields a gentle flavor of dark chocolate in the cup with hints of raspberry and lemon. Shade-grown Arabica trees are fed by rich volcanic soil […]

Kenya Nyeri $14 /lb.

Another outstanding Kenya coffee has arrived. From Nyeri Kenya, the beans exemplify how enjoyable coffee from this origin can be. Layers of citrus flavors pack the cup, highlighted with soft caramel accents round out the full-bodied hallmark Kenya profile. This coffee is grown on the fertile southeastern slopes of the Aberdares mountain range in Nyeri […]

Emerald Green $10 /4oz

Elegant. Refreshing. Delicate. This but begins to describe our newest tea offering, the Emerald Green. This sprightly green tea is bursting with flavor with vibrant notes of sweet melon, crisp sage and finishes with a smooth, buttery note. Let this tea take you on a journey to the Fujian province of China right in your […]

Yunnan Fancy $6 /4oz

Yunnan Fancy is our newest tea offering. This Flowery Orange Pekoe grade black tea from China is distinctly different from our other black teas. The long delicately twisted leaves, some with blonde tips, have a toasty, floral, and woodsy aroma. The full-bodied cup takes the color of burgundy with a rich, earthy note of malt […]

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