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Archive | July, 2019

English Breakfast $7 /4oz

English Breakfast tea is a staple. Our blend of black teas from India and Sri Lanka produces a robust cup with a subtle, tangy finish packed with malty flavors. Beat the summer heat with a brew for iced tea or steep a hot pot to begin the day. The teas are top grades and sourced […]

Guatemala Palhu $12.95/lb.

New crop Guatemala Palhu coffee from Huehuetenango is back. This coffee is full of flavor. Layered notes of caramel compliment an array of chocolate flavors; you might catch hints of stone fruit or citrus notes. Maximiliano Palacios, a third-generation coffee farmer owns and operates Finca La Providencia Palhu. Just across the border from Chiapas, Mexico […]

Sumatra Fair Trade $12.95 /lb

A new arrival from Sumatra, our Fair Trade Organic coffee is a very flavorful cup. Deep and rich bittersweet chocolate flavors dominate; with hints of earthy, spicy notes to accentuate the cup. A very balanced brew with a smooth finish. This coffee is tasty brewed hot and is a perfect option for a cold drink […]

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