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Archive | October, 2019

Java Organic RFA $12.95/lb.

Alfred Peet spent several years in Java as a tea taster but he also enjoyed the bold flavors of the local coffee. Over the years many growers there went to a variety of tree that produced a milder taste unlike the traditional rich, full flavor that Alfred found so special. Recently we discovered the Kayumas […]

Guatemala Palo Alto Azul

Palo Alto Azul translates as “Tall, Blue Tree.”  Rich flavors of dark chocolate and toffee make a full-bodied and rich aromatic cup. The coffee comes from a 150-year old finca nestled high on the Fraijanes Plateau in the mountains southwest of Guatemala City. Franciscan monks located this fertile pocket in 1876 and founded Finca Agua […]

Peru Fair Trade $12.95 /lb.

Our newest arrival from Peru is a Fair Trade Organic coffee grown by 124 women producers who have banded together in their own cooperative. They are in charge from seedling to harvest and their hard work is evident in the cup. A full city roast has notes of baked apple, dried orange and cinnamon along […]

Colombia Supremo $11.95/lb.

We are roasting our new top-quality delivery of Colombia Supremo coffee beans from the Narino area. It fills the cup with flavor; lively upfront with hints of lemon, lime, toffee and chocolate. The coffee is high grown in the Andean region of Buesaco. Growers cultivate Caturra, Castillo, and Typica trees on small-plot family farms, usually […]

Kenya Kiambu $14 /lb.

Another outstanding small lot offering from Kenya. Try a fresh roast of our Kiambu Mikari; this coffee brews a cup bold with soft caramel flavors accented by raspberry and grapefruit notes. We have sourced this quality crop from the Mikari Farmers’ Co-operative Society. In Kiambu County, almost a mile high in elevation, farmers cultivated their […]

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