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Archive | November, 2019

Holiday Blend $14/lb

This season brought the usual challenge and pleasure of choosing the coffees for 2019 Holiday Blend. Our experienced tasters decided on three excellent choices, all rich and full bodied. Guatemala Limonar – perhaps the best of several offerings from Huehuetenango. Costa Rica Tarrazu – rich, full and valuable in a blend or straight in the […]

Arabian Mocha Burrai $19/lb.

 Arabian Mocha Burrai stands alone, unique in flavor. Experience the deep, dried fruit and earthy notes with a hint of spice. “Mocha,” sometimes spelled Mocca, Moka, Al-Muckha, does not refer to chocolate or the flavored espresso drink bearing the same name. It is a port city in Yemen that has been exporting Arabica coffee longer […]

Costa Rica Tarrazu $12.95/lb.

We have secured an excellent Costa Rican coffee from Tarrazu, one of the world’s most famous growing regions. A full, bright bouquet of flavors greets the palate, followed by a pleasant round finish packed with deep, smooth creamy caramel notes. Coffee trees grow at high altitude, enveloped in a soft humid climate and in rich […]

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