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Arabian Mocha Sanani

We are fortunate to offer Yemeni coffee. This war-torn country has a rich history with coffee and is home to one of the world’s rarest and uniquely flavored beans. Try a fresh roast of our Arabian Mocha Sanani; it is true to its origin. Flavors in the cup are unique and distinct, characteristic of coffee grown at high elevations in this dry, harsh environment. Savor the deep rustic flavors reminiscent of dried fruit, spiced wine and sweet earthy notes.

Mocha, sometimes spelled Mocca, Moka, Al-Muckha, does not refer to chocolate or the flavored espresso-based drink bearing the same name. It is a port in present day Yemen that has been exporting Arabica coffee longer than any other city. Arab traders brought coffee from Africa, across the Arabian Sea as early as the mid-15th century. Little has changed in the agricultural practices during the last half of a millennium. The unique flavor profile stems from heirloom cultivars found on the peninsula, arid growing conditions, and centuries-old natural pulped, sun-dried techniques. Plants grow on naturally spring-fed terraces at elevations ranging from 3,000 to 8,000 ft. Organic practices dominate including natural composting and stone mulching to save scarce water.

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