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Timor Fair Trade Organic $12.95 /lb.

Usher in cooler temps with a cup of Fair Trade Organic coffee from Timor. High grown Arabica coffee has been growing on the island of Timor for over 400 years. Portuguese colonists originally seeded the rich, fertile well-drained soil in the mountains of East Timor. The cup has a hint of spicy, nutty notes that […]

Uganda UTZ Organic RFA $12.95 /lb.

It has been two score and several years since we have sourced a coffee from Uganda. This harvest from the Sipi Falls Coffee Project merited our attention. Deep, slightly sweet, brown sugar, yam-like flavors fill the base of this cup and a sparkle of citrusy, floral notes round out the finish. Surprising quality has returned. […]

Sulawesi Toraja Sapan $12.95 /lb.

Sulawesi is often referred to as the jewel of Indonesian coffee. Grown at altitudes up to 6200 feet, the cup is characterized by a velvety smooth, full body with a low acidity and a slightly sweet woody taste. Finding a top quality lot has been tough the last couple of years but our current offering […]

Kenya Top AB $12.95 /lb.

A good Kenya coffee’s special flavor will sometimes surprise even the experienced taster. Our new Kenya Top AB is exceptional! Layers of spicy, citrusy notes dance across the palate and fill this complex cup; reminiscent of passion fruit, grapefruit and guava for one taster. This top rated Kenya coffee is grown on family owned farms […]

Russian Caravan $6 /4oz

The caravan has arrived! Russian Caravan is a balance between brisk lively flavors up front and smooth, slightly smokey flavors at the finish. The tea is not grown in Russia, but celebrates a tradition of Russian tea caravans dating back to the 19th century. After sixteen months of exhausting travel on horseback tea merchants would […]

English Breakfast $6 /4oz

English Breakfast tea is a staple. Our blend of black teas from India and Sri Lanka produces a bright robust cup with a subtle, tangy finish packed with flavor. It is superb brewed hot for this brisk mornings or for an afternoon iced tea. The teas are all top grades and sourced from excellent crops. […]

Alfred’s Blend $11.95 /lb.

My friendship with Alfred Peet began in 1972 and lasted until his death in 2007. His influence has continued. He taught me about quality and how to work hard to source the best green beans. He taught me the basics of roasting and how the craft required my full and constant attention year after year. […]

Irish Breakfast $6.00 /4oz

The Irish love their tea. According to estimates, the Irish are among the highest consumers of tea per capita in the world. This special blend of fine teas from Northeast Indian, Sri Lanka and China makes a sturdy, brisk, full bodied brew. It is truly a delightful tea to sip in the morning or afternoon! […]

Organic Chun Mee $6.00 /4oz

Chun Mee is a great introduction to green tea. Flavors are delicate and smooth, with lingering plum-like sweetness. However, it is the lack of over dominating vegetal or grassy flavors that prompts us to recommend it as an introductory green tea.  For seasoned green tea drinker, it does provide a refreshing, pleasant taste to be […]

Peru Fair Trade Organic $12.95 /lb.

We have sourced another Fair Trade Organic Peruvian coffee grown high in the Andean mountains of the state of Cajamarca. This cup is what we look for in a Peruvian coffee; a deep, rich finish full of cocoa flavors with just the right amount of brighter, round notes up front. Founded in 2008 the Sol […]

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