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Peru Fair Trade Organic $12.95 /lb.

We have sourced another Fair Trade Organic Peruvian coffee grown high in the Andean mountains of the state of Cajamarca. This cup is what we look for in a Peruvian coffee; a deep, rich finish full of cocoa flavors with just the right amount of brighter, round notes up front. Founded in 2008 the Sol […]

Ethiopia Sidamo $12.95 /lb.

Our new crop of Ethiopia beans exemplifies how satisfying a washed coffee from the Sidamo can be.  The cup is rich, full of floral notes up front.  Another taster caught hints of black tea and lime zest in the bouquet of flavors. A balanced body and pleasant finish make it perfect for a hot or […]

Fancy Darjeeling $9 /4oz

Often called the “Queen of Indian Teas” our Fancy Darjeeling yields a refined, sophisticated cup with a coppery-red liquor. The tea leaves have an almost a purplish hue, rendering the famous brisk “Muscatel” flavor Darjeeling is known for, complete with delicate floral and fruit flavors. Tea cultivated in this region high in the Himalaya Mountains […]

El Salvador Finca Cruz RFA $11.95 /lb.

Our new El Salvador coffee from family owned farm Finca Cruz Gorda brews a cup full of creamy chocolate flavors with nutty, caramel notes in the round smooth finish. The coffee is Rain Forest Alliance certified and often earns them top-ten rankings in cupping competitions. Serfio Catani owns the 200-acre estate and operates his own […]

Colombia Ocamonte Fair Trade Organic $12.95 /lb.

Caramel, orange and chocolate flavors filled the cup for one taster. Our Fair Trade Organic Colombia coffee is a powerful brew, with delightful flavors up front and a lingering full body in the finish. Near five thousand feet in the Andes, nestled in the mountains of Ocamonte, Santander Colombia, two hundred and seventy families cultivate […]

Flores Bajawa Organic RFA $12.95 /lb.

Our latest certified Organic and Rain Forest Alliance coffee hails from the island of Flores. The cup is filled with deep, rich flavors. A surprising triad of soft earthy, nutty, woodsy notes marks the very smooth finish. Flores coffee is grown at high elevations on the slopes of the Inerie volcano in the Ngada region […]

Fancy Keemun $6.00 /4oz

Fancy Keemun is a favorite here at Anderson’s. We stock the Fancy grade which is full of pleasant, mild, comforting flavors. Hints of toasty, crushed apple aroma accompany the smooth, sweet, mellow finish. Brew a glass for iced tea during the summer heat, or drink it hot in traditional fashion. This tea is grown and […]

Fancy Jasmine $6 /4oz

For a refreshing iced tea option, try our Fancy Jasmine green tea this summer! Jasmine scented teas have been crafted in China for near 800 years. The secret behind our Fancy Jasmine starts with Pouchong tea. Grown in the Fujian Province of China, Pouchong has a sweet floral fragrance. Slight aging eliminates dominate green flavors […]

Red Sea Blend $11.95 /lb.

From Ethiopia where coffee was discovered comes our naturally processed coffee beans for Red Sea Blend. The coffee is a bit exotic with a sweetly piquant flavor and a hint of earthy, spicy dried berry flavors. In the Sidamo region of Ethiopia growers cultivate indigenous heirloom varietal Arabica coffee beans at high altitudes. These small […]

Nilgiri Supreme $7 /4oz

As we settle into summer temperatures, our thoughts turn to a refreshing glass of iced tea. Our Nilgiri Supreme fills the bill by providing a full flavored brew that is satisfying to our thirst and pleasing on the palate. The tea is grown on the Tiger Hill Estate nestled high up in southern India’s Blue […]

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