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Kenya Nyeri Othaya Kamoini $14 /lb.

Another outstanding crop Kenya coffee has arrived. Kenya Nyeri Othaya Kamoini; try a fresh roast of this small batch offering. Layers of citrus flavors pack the cup, highlighted with soft caramel accents. Depth and richness round out the full-bodied hallmark Kenya profile. A variety of stolen has arrived from Germany including rum, marzipan, classic, cristollen, […]

Holiday Blend $14 /lb.

Try a fresh roast of our Holiday Blend 2018. We have selected top quality coffees from Costa Rica, Guatemala, New Guinea, Kenya and the Arabian Peninsula for our recently released blend to be enjoyed during the holiday season. Customer response has been very positive. Good for breakfast time or to add pleasure to the dining […]

Holiday Blend $14 /lb.

The year has brought an abundance of top-quality coffees to choose from in creating Holiday Blend 2018. After much tasting and thought we have decided on the following coffees to make the blend now on offer. Costa Rica Dota Tarrazu Santa Maria packs the blend with delightful flavors reminiscent of cinnamon, chocolate and a hint […]

Holiday Spice Tea $7 /4oz

Holiday Spice tea is a refreshing drink for our cooler weather. The blend has a special recipe of fruit and spice to produce a hot cup of warm cheer. Premium black tea leaves are blended with orange pieces, bits of cranberry, and a touch of ginger and cinnamon to create a rich spicy flavor. Sip […]

Fancy Darjeeling

Often called the “Queen of Indian Teas” our Fancy Darjeeling yields a refined, sophisticated cup with a coppery-red liquor. The tea leaves have an almost a purplish hue, rendering the famous brisk “Muscatel” flavor Darjeeling is known for, complete with delicate floral and fruit flavors. Tea cultivated in this region high in the Himalaya Mountains […]

Ethiopia Gotiti Organic $15 /lb.

Another top-quality organic offering from Ethiopia! We have sourced this washed, sun-dried Ethiopian coffee from the Gedeb District within the Gedeo Zone. The full pedigree is Gedeb 1 Organic Gotiti. The cup intertwines hints of floral and citrusy fruit notes on a base of delightful caramel flavors. The beans are grown on small family-owned plots […]

Assam Golden Tip $6 /4oz

Assam Golden Tip is a pleasant companion for our cool and rainy autumn mornings and afternoons. This flavorful Indian tea hails from the vast Brahmaputra Valley. The cup has full notes of malt and honey. It is exceptional brewed hot or for iced tea, and holds up well to milk or cream. Tea from Assam […]

Kenya Nyeri Karindi $14 /lb.

New crop Kenya coffee has arrived. Try a fresh roast of the first small batch offerings. From Nyeri Kenya, these beans exemplify how delightful coffee from this origin can be. Layers of citrus flavors pack the cup, highlighted with soft spicy, jam like accents. Depth and richness round out the full-bodied hallmark Kenya profile. Most […]

Ceylon Orange Pekoe

New crop Ceylon Orange Pekoe has arrived. Enjoy the brisk cup a premium Ceylon tea can produce; complete with crisp floral notes. This tea has placed high at the North American Championship multiple times. Walter’s Bay Ceylon Orange Pekoe is grown, hand plucked, and processed on the Maliboda Tea Estate. Located 750 feet above sea level, […]

Peru Fair Trade Organic $12.95 /lb.

Celebrate the return of Peru Fair Trade Organic to Anderson’s; try a pound of fresh roasted coffee today. With notes of what one taster described as baked apple, cinnamon, cocoa and apple juice, this cup of Peru is sure to delight. Our fresh roasted Peruvian coffee is deeply flavored, rich and smooth in the cup. […]

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