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Organic Chun Mee $6 /4oz

Chun Mee is a great introduction to green tea. Flavors are delicate and smooth, with lingering plum-like sweetness. For a seasoned green tea drinker, it does provide a refreshing, pleasant taste to be enjoyed. Try it hot or brewed for iced tea during these sultry summer days. Organically grown in Jiangxi province, the tea is […]

Blend 100 $11.95 /lb.

Blend 100 is perhaps one of the most forgotten or overlooked gems on our board of roasted coffees at Anderson’s. This cup is full of flavor; it’s a medium-bodied, all Americas blend of Guatemalan, Colombian and Costa Rican coffees. This blend was created over forty years ago with the help of our mentor, Alfred Peet, […]

Red Sea Blend $11.95 /lb.

From Ethiopia, the birthplace of coffee, comes our naturally processed coffee beans for Red Sea Blend. The coffee is a bit exotic with a sweetly piquant flavor and a hint of earthy, spicy dried berry flavors. In the Sidamo region of Ethiopia growers cultivate indigenous heirloom varietal Arabica coffee beans at high altitudes. These small […]

Fruit & Spice and Other Naturally Flavored Teas

Beat the heat with iced teas! We have an array of naturally flavored teas delicious for a cold, iced brew during these summer days. Our Fruit & Spice is a fabulous blend of select black tea leaves flavored with just the right amount of orange peel, bits of cranberry, a touch of ginger and cinnamon […]

Decaf Sumatra $12.95 /lb.

Cutting out caffeine should not include compromising flavor. This is one of the reasons we buy top quality coffees that have been decaffeinated with the advanced non-contact water process method. Deep, subtle woodsy flavors emerge before a rich, creamy, smooth finish with hints of bittersweet chocolate. It is the quintessential flavor for a satisfying cup […]

Viennese Blend $11.95 /lb.

“What is in Viennese Blend?” This is a frequently asked question from many customers. We created the custom blend soon after opening the store in 1972. The popular mix consists of three quarters medium roast Central and South American coffees blended with our dark French roast. The result is a very satisfying cup with the […]

Fancy Jasmine Tea $8 /4oz

For a refreshing iced tea option, try our Fancy Jasmine green tea this summer! Jasmine scented teas have been crafted in China for near 800 years. The secret behind our Fancy Jasmine starts with Pouchong tea. Grown in the Fujian Province of China, Pouchong has a sweet floral fragrance. Slight aging eliminates dominate green flavors […]

English Breakfast Tea $6.00 /4oz

English Breakfast tea is a staple. Our blend of black teas from India and Sri Lanka produces a bright robust cup with a subtle, tangy finish packed with flavor. Beat the summer heat with a brew for iced tea, and of course it is superb brewed hot to begin the day. The teas are top […]

Costa Rica La Rosa $11.95 /lb.

When carefully roasted to a full-city color, Costa Rica La Rosa coffee yields a gentle flavor of chocolate in the cup with hints of rose hips and brown sugar. Shade-grown Arabica trees are fed by rich volcanic soil high up in to mountains of the Naranjo growing region. With an average rainfall of 100 inches […]

Organic Java $12.95 /lb.

Our organic Java Taman Dadar brews a deep, rich flavorful cup of coffee. Soft nutty flavors intertwine with hints of earthy notes linger long after the initial sip. On the island of Java on the Ljen Plateau, smallholder farmers from the villages of Curah Tatal and Kayumas grow this coffee at altitudes up to 5000 […]

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