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Colombia FTO $14 /lb.

Anderson’s has sourced a top quality Fair Trade Organic coffee from Colombia. The brew is packed with flavor; lively upfront with hints of orange and cherry followed by a deep chocolate finish. The coffee hails from the mountainous region of Ocamonte, Santander.

Some 270 family owned coffee farms cover the sides of the foothills of the Andean Mountain Range just outside of Ocamonte. Organized under the Association of Small Coffee Farmers of Ocamonte (APCO), farmers have utilized the coffee varietal Castillo to guard against Roya (coffee rust). This varietal, the near perfect growing conditions and the families artisanal process produces a top quality coffee. From seedling to blossom, from harvest to export, their organic farming practices respects the earth and strengthens the local community. Fair Trade Organic certification also increases profits going directly to the families and strengthening the social foundations of the region.

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