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Colombia Supremo $11.95/lb.

We are roasting our new top-quality delivery of Colombia Supremo coffee beans from the Narino area. It fills the cup with flavor; lively upfront with hints of lemon, lime, toffee and chocolate.

The coffee is high grown in the Andean region of Buesaco. Growers cultivate Caturra, Castillo, and Typica trees on small-plot family farms, usually less than two acres in size. Conditions in Nariño are near perfect: an average of 74 inches of rain fall and fertile soil. Hundreds of farmers are organized on their own accord and utilize many tools offered by the Colombia Coffee Growers Federation (FNC).

From seedling to blossom, from harvest to export, their artisanal process respects the earth and bolsters the local community. Nariño farmers use shade-growing systems, innovations to conserve water during harvest and sun drying practices to tap into a renewable energy source. The workforce is community based and efficient, resulting in profits going directly to the families and strengthening the social foundations of the region. The coffee farmers of Nariño are proud of their product and their dedication definitely shows in this cup!

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