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Costa Rica La Rosa $11.95 /lb.

When carefully roasted to a full-city color, Costa Rica La Rosa coffee yields a gentle flavor of chocolate in the cup with hints of rose hips and brown sugar. Shade-grown Arabica trees are fed by rich volcanic soil high up in to mountains of the Naranjo growing region. With an average rainfall of 100 inches per year, annual temperatures between 72°-78°F Naranjo ensures the perfect growing conditions for a quality bean.

Organized in 1968, today the coop is 2500 members strong. However, La Rosa is a select micro lot within the cooperative’s yield, the coffee is from only seven of the cooperative growers, whose farms average 20 acres in size. The farmers are committed to environmental protection, efficient use of resources and sustainable practices. They have streamlined their operations minimizing water consumption, transformed solid wastes into organic fertilizers, and have implemented forest protection programs. Their efforts benefit the flora and fauna of Costa Rica and ensure the highest quality for future coffee crops.

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