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Costa Rica Tarrazu $12.95/lb.

We have secured an excellent Costa Rican coffee from Tarrazu, one of the world’s most famous growing regions. A full, bright bouquet of flavors greets the palate, followed by a pleasant round finish packed with deep, smooth creamy caramel notes.

Coffee trees grow at high altitude, enveloped in a soft humid climate and in rich volcanic soil near Volcan Poas. Founded in 1960 members of CoopeTarrazu have been growing their coffee in small plots. For decades the coop has focus attention on five guiding principles to ensure outstanding coffee production: solidarity, transparency, sustainability, quality, and service. Ripe coffee cherries are expertly harvested by hand and dried in the sun with attention and care. CoopeTarrazu also promotes sustainable agriculture principles aimed at conserving natural resources, ecosystems, and wildlife.

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