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Ethiopia Yirgacheffe $15 /lb.

Try our new special offering coffee from Ethiopia! This roast demonstrates in the cup how flavorful a washed, sun-dried Ethiopian coffee can be. The full pedigree is Yirgacheffe Gelana Abaya. The coffee has floral, jasmine accents and hints of lemon and cherry, rounded out with a caramel nougat note.

This Yirgacheffe coffee is sourced from small family owned farms located in Gelana and Abaya woredas. The woredas are located in the Boreda Zone within the Oromia Region of Ethiopia. There indigenous heirloom cultivars grow over a mile high in elevation on the slopes of the Mendero Mountain range. After harvest, ripe cherries are carefully hand sorted, pulped, washed and spread out to dry in the sun on raised drying beds. 

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