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Guatemala Huixoc $12.95 /lb.

Finca Huixoc is our new special offering from Guatemala. Gentle lively flavors of apple and caramel are balanced by a rich, deeply flavored, smooth finish with notes of almond and fudge. This coffee comes from a family-owned estate located high up in Huehuetenango in the municipality of La Democracia.

Jose Alejandro Solis is a third-generation coffee grower, carrying on growing practices of his grandfather, Jose Olivia Chaves, who established the estate in the 1940s. Our green coffee broker could not describe his efforts better, that “Alejandro’s farms are some of our most consistent, excellent tasting high grown Guatemalan coffees.” The estate’s name Huixoc is an indigenous Mayan word that means “spring water”, reflecting the abundance of water on the estate that Solis scrupulously utilizes from watering seedlings to hydro powered mill operations. The estate is covered in Chalun shade trees looming over the coffee plants, as well as acreage set aside as a preserved forest of native trees providing refuge for wildlife, all of which has earned the estate Rainforest Alliance Certification. analysis and sustainability amidst a changing climate.

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