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Guatemala La Severa

Another gem from Guatemala; try a fresh roast of our new offering from Finca La Severa! This coffee brews a cup full of caramel, brown sugar notes with a deep dark chocolate finish. A good balance of flavors and a medium to full bodied smooth finish.

Dr. Carlos Roberto Serrano Roa established Finca La Severa in 1969; and named it after his mother “Severa”. Located outside the municipality of Santa Cruz Barillas in Huehuetenango, for the last three decades this 135-acre estate has cultivated top quality coffee. Natural forests preserved within the estate and the resulting pristine water is used during the coffee’s life cycle from seedling to coffee cherry harvest. Utilizing their own wet mill allows the farmers precise cherry selection and the ability to ferment the pulped fruit and convert it into organic fertilizer for the growing coffee plants. The estate provides housing, healthcare, education and social activities for the workers.

Come in for a fresh roast, or call the store to have us ship it to you. 512-453-1533

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