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Guatemala Palhu $12.95/lb.

New crop Guatemala Palhu coffee from Huehuetenango is back. This coffee is full of flavor. Layered notes of caramel compliment an array of chocolate flavors; you might catch hints of stone fruit or citrus notes.

Maximiliano Palacios, a third-generation coffee farmer owns and operates Finca La Providencia Palhu. Just across the border from Chiapas, Mexico the farm benefits from higher elevations and later harvest periods to yield top quality Guatemalan coffee. The heart of La Providencia Palhu Finca is an efficient and well-maintained coffee mill. Positioned high up on a hill the system takes full advantage of gravity; after harvest ripe cherries are placed in water and carried through the depulping process through a series of intricate canals to the drying patios below. The innovations and attention to detail translate to quality in the cup.

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