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A Traditional Coffee Bean Store

In 1972 Jamie Anderson opened the doors to Anderson’s Coffee Company, a traditional coffee bean store tucked away on a narrow, quaint, side street in the middle of Austin. Thirty-nine years later, discriminating Texans cannot imagine Austin without Anderson’s coffee. An ad in the personals column of The Austin Chronicle sums up the affection locals feel for Anderson’s: “Me, vivacious vixen, 31, beautiful blonde…independent. Love Anderson’s coffee, dining out, slumming in, rainy days.”


And it’s not just a local love affair. Since word of mouth praise is still the best advertising, today coffee drinkers all over the country order their beans from Anderson’s: New York, Ohio, Kentucky, Florida, Colorado, Oregon, the list goes on. Out of town and out of state orders are taken every day at the store in Jefferson Square.



Jamie Anderson learned the basics of roasting coffee from the venerable Alfred Peet of Peet’s Coffee & Tea in Berkeley, California. “Peet was the god-father of good coffee in this country,” says Jamie. But apprenticing under Mr. Peet was just the beginning. “There’s a lot of creativity in roasting and blending coffee. Nobody does it exactly the same.”


Anderson’s does it right, people who love good coffee agree on that. But, this company does not rest on its laurels. Fragrant new blends appear from time to time on the store’s blackboard, and creative experimentation with roasting techniques never ceases. “Otherwise,” says Jamie, “it wouldn’t be any fun.”



Coffee is roasted fresh at Anderson’s in quantities which correspond to daily demands. Buying from Anderson’s ensures your coffee will always be fresh, allowing the discovery of varied flavors produced by the different growing regions of the world. More often than not, it is Anderson himself who does the roasting.


Anderson focuses on purchasing top quality green coffee. Variations in growing conditions require constant attention to insure selection of outstanding coffees from year to year. Frequent coffee tastings, roasting samples of beans before buying in quantity, and preserving longstanding relationships with exporters and importers are all important parts of the process. “You’d be surprised,” says Jamie, “how limited the supply of really fine coffee is.”



If you are in Austin, come visit the store. The man standing behind the counter, the one in the bib apron, the silver haired man with a bow tie… that’s Jamie Anderson. “I’m involved in all of it.”


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