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Holiday Blend $14 /lb.

The year has brought an abundance of top-quality coffees to choose from in creating Holiday Blend 2018. After much tasting and thought we have decided on the following coffees to make the blend now on offer. Costa Rica Dota Tarrazu Santa Maria packs the blend with delightful flavors reminiscent of cinnamon, chocolate and a hint of orange. A pair of outstanding choices from Guatemala Antigua and Huehuetenango harvested from Bourbon trees brings brown sugar, caramel notes with hints of apple. From the esteemed Kimel Estate in the Nebilyer Valley of New Guinea comes a coffee adding a smooth, rich velvety finish on the blend. Kenya makes it contribution with exuberant hints of grapefruit, melon and caramel. And finally, a sprinkling of Yemen Arabian Mocha Sanani for just the right amount of spice and depth in the cup. Six top quality coffees to produce one enjoyable cup for the holiday season.

Jamie Anderson

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