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Honduras El Jaguar $11.95/lb.

A velvety smooth cup full of milk chocolate, caramel notes—the flavors of Honduras RFA El Jaguar live up to its name. Nestled almost a mile high in the mountains near the Eastern side of Lake Yojoa members of the COHORSIL Co-Op cultivate their coffee in prime weather conditions. Cool evenings and adequate rainfall contribute to this lush and boisterous stand-alone coffee.

El Jaguar coffee carries Rainforest Alliance certification. The 350 members of the COHORSIL Co-Op are conscious of their environment and devoted to responsible growing practices. Besides their coffee production they have created an organic fertilizer production plant the uses pulped coffee cherries as the base ingredient and California earthworms to aid decomposition. The Co-Op donates a portion of their earnings to support local programs for the youth and mobile clinics that deliver basic medical care to the rural communities of the area. This is one of the best Central American coffees to arrive this year; a good value at $11.95 for a full 16 oz. pound.

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