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Kenya Kiambu $14 /lb.

Another outstanding small lot offering from Kenya. Try a fresh roast of our Kiambu Kiriga; this coffee brews a cup bold with caramel and grapefruit flavors.

The Kiriga Estate is located in Muranga County, Kenya. The 130 acres of land seeded with coffee trees stretches along the Chania river, the natural border between Kiambu and Muranga counties and the source of the famous Chania falls. Almost a mile high in elevation, coffee trees are cultivated in rich fertile soil and have been nurtured from seed to harvest by three generations of the Gakunga family. Having control of their mill allows meticulous execution during coffee cherry selection, de-pulping, fermentation, washing and sun-drying. Besides employment, the estate runs a local pre-school that has several dairy cattle to ensure the children have access to fresh milk.

Coming soon, Uganda Organic Sipi Falls Rain Forest Alliance.

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