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Kenya Nyeri Karindi $14 /lb.

New crop Kenya coffee has arrived. Try a fresh roast of the first small batch offerings. From Nyeri Kenya, these beans exemplify how delightful coffee from this origin can be. Layers of citrus flavors pack the cup, highlighted with soft spicy, jam like accents. Depth and richness round out the full-bodied hallmark Kenya profile.

Most farmers in Kenya grow their coffee on small family-owned farms, such as David Maina Ndirangu who owns the Karindi Estate. Grown in the fertile foothills of Mount Kenya, often farmer plots are so small they are gauged by the number of trees rather than the measurements of land. This can benefit the producers, giving them more control to strategically pick and deliver only the ripest coffee cherries to the local wet mills during harvest; ultimately aiding in the highest scores on their coffee. Interspersing food crops other than coffee such as avocados and cultivating shade trees to protect the crops is a common practice. Successful farmers like David keep local communities strong by employee seasonal workers and actively contributing to local health centers

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