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Offerings from Guatemala

Spring is in the air and the first Central American coffees have arrived!  Each year farmers meticulously select ripe cherries to wash, dry, and mill before they’re sent on an odyssey to our warehouse here in Texas.

Coffees sourced from Latin America are known for their bright pop of flavors with a richness and deep finish to the cup. Coming from three different farms, our current Guatemalan offerings all have unique personalities and are worthy of a fresh brew.

Two of our Guatemalan coffees hail from the Huehuetenango region; the Finca La Severa and the Finca Palhu, while the other has heritage in the renowned region of Antigua. These beans deliver a perfectly balanced cup of coffee, teeming with cocoa and caramel flavors.

Keep an eye out for more Special Offerings arriving through the Spring and into Summer!

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