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Africa Arabian

Arabian Mocha

$19 lb

Aromatic, distinct, unique, complex flavor from Yemen…nothing like it.

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This is a coffee you must try, Arabian Mocha Burrai. It stands alone, completely unique in flavor. Experience the mesmerizing deep, dried fruit and earthy notes with a hint of spice that will lure you back in sip after sip. To be clear, “Mocha,” sometimes spelled Mocca, Moka, Al-Muckha, does not refer to chocolate or the flavored espresso drink bearing the same name. It is a port city in Yemen that has been exporting Arabica coffee longer than any place in the world. Centuries before Yemen became a republic coffee was cultivated and consumed on the Arabian Peninsula. Arab traders brought coffee beans from Africa to the peninsula in the mid-15th century. The Moors kept their coffee plants and cultivation secrets under close guard preventing the plant and drink from leaving the Arabian Peninsula for centuries. Not until the 1700s did coffee begin to spread to other growing regions, to Dutch colonies in Indonesia, and eventually to French and Spanish colonies in the New World. Families organized in and around the Bura District have utilized the Pearl of Tehama Export Company to aid in getting this exceptional coffee out of the war-torn environment in present day Yemen. The region, made part of UNESCO’s list of biosphere reserves of the world in 2011, is home to Mount Jabal Bura. Perched on the edges of steep mountainous ridges farmers dry their harvest naturally in the cherry on roof tops. This age old process of sun-dried natural pulped technique dates back to traditions of coffee growers in the region from the 15th century. It contributes to Arabian Mocha Burrai coffee’s intensity of flavors. Heirloom cultivars of coffee trees grown in the arid conditions on spring-fed terraces at elevations ranging from 3,000 to 8,000 feet. Natural composting and stone mulching preserve the scant water supply and protect them from the harsh environment.

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