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Fair Trade Organic The Americas

Fair Trade Peru

$12.95 lb

Deep seductive silky finish with round, full cocoa flavors; Certified Fair Trade Organic

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Product Description

Another quality Fairtrade Organic selection from the Andes.  Our Peru Fair Trade Organic Amazonas is an exceptionally smooth cup with big, deep flavors.  High grown in the Andes from trees including Bourbon and Typica varieties the coffee packs creamy dark chocolate flavors with hints of toffee and orange. The Fairtrade and Organic certified crop comes from family owned farms in the Mendoza, Amazonas coffee region of Northwest Peru.  Organized under the Asociacion de Productores Palto Café Amazonas (PALTO), farmers have access to training and financial resources aimed at improving quality and yields.  Much of the coffee is grown under native shade trees. PALTO has also assisted with construction of a centralized mill to ensure consistent drying and improved coffee processing after harvest.  Their efforts are truly demonstrated in the cup!

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Weight 1.00 lbs
Dimensions 8.5 x 3.5 x 2.5 in
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