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Organic Fair Trade The Americas

Fair Trade Peru

$12.95 lb

Deep cocoa flavors, hints of orange; Women run co-op, Certified Fair Trade Organic

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Usurer in Autumn with our new harvest of Peru Fair Trade Organic coffee. Grown by 124 women producers organized under a women run cooperative, their care from seedling to harvest is evident in the cup. A fresh roast of these beans produces toasty notes of baked apple, dried orange and cinnamon, with an overwhelming depth of cocoa flavors. This Peru is sure to delight! Women represent a large percentage of the labor input for the coffee industry at origin. During the past several years the Asociacion de Productores Cafetaleros de la Cuenca del Rio Maranon (APROCCURMA) cooperative has worked directly with women producers to establish land ownership and then provide training on organic management and environmental practices. The fertile volcanic soil, almost a mile high in the Andes of Amazonas contributes to the cup quality and other food crops are interspersed with the coffee providing supplementary income. The cooperative’s efforts qualify them for Fair Trade Organic certification. Land ownership, organization and representation by the cooperative provides women producers with all of the revenue generated from coffee production on farms owned and managed by women. Support their efforts; buy a pound and brew up a cup today!

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